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» Yamaha Genuine 39L Top Case 52S-F84A8-00

Yamaha Genuine 39L Top Case 52S-F84A8-00

Product Details:
Quality top case for extra luggage/storage capacity on your Yamaha.

* Easy to install and remove from your Yamaha
* Can hold a (full face) helmet or riding gear
* Available standard in Matt Black
* Solid & durable double shell construction
* Can be locked and for added convenience even with a single key operation system
* Large reflectors to enhance visibility in low-light conditions

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Product Description
Yamaha Genuine 39L Top Case 52S-F84A8-00

Please note - the Top Case is a stand-alone product and it is not recommended that it is installed and used with the available Yamaha Side Cases

Most models require the model-dedicated rear carrier and the universal mounting plate (37P-F84X0-00).

Optional 1-Piece Standard Lock set available, sold separately (52S-21780-09-00)

Optional 1-Piece Single Key Operation Lock (no key) also available, sold separately. Installation by dealer required to code the lock to your bike key. (59C-281C0-00)