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YAMALUBE RS4GP 10W40 Full Synthetic

Product Details:
Racing inspired motor oil, developed using the same technology that protects our World Champions. Available in 3 variants, 1L, 4L and 60L, Yamalube’s highest performance motor oil, developed for 4-stroke racing bikes using the same technology as the Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP oil. RS4GP, the highest grade Yamalube ever, will provide the best performance and protection under normal and extreme conditions for both road and offroad racing use.
1L, RS4GP 10W40 Full Synthetic 4L, RS4GP 10W40 Full Synthetic
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Product Description
YAMALUBE RS4GP 10W40 Full Synthetic

• Ultimate performance in gearshift feeling, acceleration and throttle response
• Excellent engine, clutch and gearbox protection
• Superior formulation ensures engine cleanliness and power, yet exceeding fuel economy demands
• Maximises acceleration and power
• Engineered, tested and approved by Yamaha
• JASO-MA2 and API-SL standards